Story of SA Jazz Volume 2 receives seed funding

Thank you to ANFASA Norwegian embassy and SAMRO foundation for this 25k award to trigger more stories from the genre of SA jazz :

The story of South African jazz is built on a succinct timeline that traces the evolution and involution of SA jazz through five distinct ‘rays’ of jazz from the early days, through exile and inxile to the current days… and beyond. We are in the 5th ray.

Quting from Volume One : “Jazz is a unifying language. It brings people together and provides the vocabulary to have a great musical dialogue. SA jazz is a transformative shift to sharing. It is uBuntu in action.”

By listening to the voices and identities of those who dared to express themselves there is a path laid out for one to find one’s own voice and identity.

The music has the power to bring change. Change is the alchemy of the music we call South African jazz …

In South African jazz, the barriers that separate performers from writers, promoters or technicians are very quickly eroding. A knowledge of all aspects of the music world is an advantage.

Volume one of the Story of SA Jazz explored the link between festivals, education, music business, political expression and virtuosity. It was successfully released in 2014 and has filled a demand for the book at independent book stores, festivals, universities and libraries.

Volume Two extends on these themes and adds copywriting, archiving, improvisation and jamming.

The role of international musicians and locations has always had a tremendous effect on the Story of South African Jazz. Where Volume One looked at the effect of London and France through the Blue Notes, Volume Two continues this into Italy as well as the new trend of Switzerland and possibly also Norway.

There is an urgency to document our living music legends. Where there is a legend who has maintained his or her truth there is gold, greater than all the royal palaces of the world. These are the sound brahman, the healers, the wisdom keepers, the alchemists who make my life journey (and possibly yours) unique and meaningful.

The Story of South African jazz is built on the website and content portal which was launched on April 1st 2000. It is a free platform for African Jazz, uBuntu and Music education that has birthed many creative projects that have empowered many people, such as archive Africa, dancing with the diaspora and wondergigs.



Opening Night of the Story of South African Jazz VOLUME 2

With a generous finishing fund from ANFASA … Volume Two of the never ending story of South African Jazz was spurred into action with a completion and launch date excitingly poised to take place as soon as September 2019 :