Story of SA Jazz on the Art of Sunday Kaya FM

Some lovely SA Jazz played on the Art of Sunday today. If you missed it find it here Thank you Brenda Sisane​.


Story of South African Jazz … crowd appeal

When the story exposing some of the historical legacy issues affecting the South African Music Industry was published in Noseweek October 2019, musicians responded with gratitude.

Megan Clark wrote: “I wanted to thank you for speaking out against SAMRO. It makes all the difference to know there’s someone out there who has the power to be heard in NOSEWEEK who’s on the creator’s side. I have a long history with SAMRO and I hope a long future too so I find myself often hatless wearing so many hats… I believe only SAMRO has the financial power to make big change in the industry while I also believe they are corrupt.”

Exposing this music industry giant and helping to unravel its’ sinister workings is only one aspect of an approach to life defined by the music itself.

In the research “South African Jazz” is the umbrella for this powerful musical philosophy that includes the attitude and approach of many pioneers, ambassadors, ministers, disciples, epistles and dazzlers.

And as a result many exploitative historical legacies in the past and present are changed, addressed and improved upon, exposing what Robert Sobukwe called “a one eyed giant in a land of one eyed giants.”

The real giant is within each and everyone.The free flowing collective of unique individuals that make up the music industry is the giant in fact.

The inspiration to this achieve good things is wrapped in all the beautiful stories of our rich musical heritage and history.

The book series The Story of South African jazz uses a mentorship approach and multi-generational attitude to document and share this inspiration and know-how through the ages. And to bring volume 2 of this three part series to life we need the support of the South African music family.

The Story of South African Jazz crowdfunding campaign can be joined here

The funds will be used to broadcast the story live during December 2019 in Durban at Kwa Muhle museum with Jazz Xpressions and in Johannesburg at the Roving Bantu Kitchen.

The campaign has been well received to date with 11 backers so far, so we are not yet 1/3rd of the way to the finish line.  The Story of South African Jazz reaches out to the brotherhood and sisterhood of South African music to push us over the crowd funding finish line and bring this beautiful story to light and love.

Story of SA Jazz Crowdfunding Thank you to many Journalists


The Story of South African Jazz Volume Two is set for release in December this year. It is a journey in jazz journalism with much thanks to many wonderful writers, poets, presenters, editors, researchers and or promoters who have nourished the fire of South African jazz through word and initiative Sandile Memela Mandla Baloyi Gisele Turner Chris Du Plessis Evan Milton Glenda Nevill Julian Jonker Neil Johnson Bruce Kadalie Irene Louw Marilyn Thompson Nicky Blumenfeld Zayd Minty Christian Syren Miles Keylock Rashid Lombard Steve Gordon Valmont Layne Colin Miller Eric Alan Wannenburg Shado Twala Nigel Vermaas Roshnie Moonsammy Chris Roper Dan Chiorboli Carol M. Martin Carl Johnson Brad Holmes Paul Bradshaw Neil Comfort Brett Pyper Diane Thram Ilam Heritage Veit Arlt Robert Trunz Seton Hawkins Calum MacNaughton Brenda Sisane Antos Stella Lloyd Ross David Coplan Edward Tsumele Cheche Selepe : #storyofsajazz is being crowdfunded into reality at this link: All engagement much appreciated