Living is in the Learning

Richard Bruyns lapsteel guitar Struan Douglas flugel horn live at the Moral Kiosk in Melville Johannesburg to celebrate International Play Music on the Porch Day August 31st 2019. Band Name? Pavement SPESHALS suggests Sifiso


Story of SA Jazz Volume Two receives supporting grant

Authors Non Fiction Association of South Africa (ANFASA) supported by the Norwegian embassy and SAMRO foundation offer authors in the genre of music books offers an annual seed grant to trigger the completion of their books.

The Story of SA Jazz Volume 2 was awarded this grant in 2018.

The project made a supporting grant application to Business Arts South Africa (BASA) and was awarded a supporting grant for the marketing and publicity of a launch event to take place in Johannesburg and Durban. 

The ANFASA / BASA synergy is a positive platform for independent authors to release and create successful book projects. This adds to the knowledge of business and funding practices in the long-term.

The successful completion of this project will provide“know-how” to practitioners in the creative industries, both in the completion of a work and its communication to the public. 

The Story of South African Jazz Volume One was launched LIVE in 2015 in Johannesburg and Durban. Volume 2 will be launched LIVE in 2019 at the Roving Bantu Kitchen Brixton on the weekend of September 27 – 29 2019.